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It seems that I found my happiness. My heart. And fulfilled my Anahata, the heart chakra, as I learned from a guru in the Eastern Air Temple.

But I forgot how it was to dwell deep in my emotions to write. My frizzled early-morning brain, however, still remembers typing in the dark.

How am I going to express my feelings if the only things I know are the pain, the agony, and frustrations?

May the love I have flow through from Anahata to my fingers and connect to others.

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Try a lot harder

So, this semester totally sucked. And I messed up big time. Thanks to my shitload confidence.

I tried to outdo myself for the past two years by getting another full load of units. And I thought I can succeed them. But no. Physics and Math are not easy separately, but together, they are merciless. And they slaughtered me without a sweat.

I knew what my capabilities are. I should have NOT stuck with my instinct. I should have listened. I should have… (I do have a lot of these lately).

But that’s over. I messed up big time, yes. But I am not crying. It will do nothing. I must move on.

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The thread we’re tied to is an invisible one. It is coiled in infinite loops. I sometimes think it snapped during one of our misunderstandings. Or cut off simply by our differences. But when I tried to pull back my own end (so that I can toss it to the wind and get tangled to another loose end), it surprisingly tugged. I felt the force in my veins (and in my heart). And in a confused state, I look at you as you unknowingly pull me closer.

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Not yet, D.

I know it’s my fault. I was the one who made the mistake. Maybe I am a mistake.

But please, don’t do this. Or what my brain is telling me you’ll do. I am not ready yet.

Blurred and inconsistent, that’s what we are. We both know that. And honestly, I’ve never been so much happier (and most confused) till I met you.

Please, let this fight pass. Be more patient with me. Let me understand you and your interesting ways. We’re not over.

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reblog perma

I would wear the fuck out of this

I really want this. I’ll wear it every f*ckin’ day.
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reblog perma
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reblog perma

Cooking is chemistry.
From the TED-Ed Lesson The chemistry of cookies - Stephanie Warren
Animation by Augenblick Studios

'Wag masanay

Hindi dapat masanay sa maling mga bagay. O sa mga tao.

We have been given the freedom nowadays to do what we want. Dress and act like whoever we want to be. Bakit ka masasanay?

Think out of the box. Hindi ka prehistoric species that needs to evolve to adapt. Do not conform to the ways of the world.

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